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    Shaanxi Changling Textile Mechanical & Electronic Technological Co., Ltd. is a national high and new technology enterprise, which involves in R&D, production and sales as well. Changling originated from large war industry enterprise state-operated Changling Machinery Factory of the built national 156 key projects during the First Five-Year Plan period. Changling involved in textile electronic area in early 80s of the last century, and became the largest textile electronic instrument and electronic control equipment supplier in China after 30 years of development. Changling forms 8 kinds 40 varieties product pattern, equips domestic 3000 textile enterprises, exports to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, over 20 countries and regions.

    The company immigrated into the new Changling Textile Electro-mechanics Industrial Park in 2010, and built national textile electronic instrument equipment production base, which make textile electronic products achieve 6000 set/unit, new built modernized air-jet loom production line forms production capacity with an annual output of 3000 sets high-speed efficiency air-jet loom, which becomes strong international market competitive textile electronic products, Changling becomes new type air-jet loom production enterprise.  Changling persists in the business principle of "high technology, high quality, quality service", passes quality system certification ISO9001:2008 and environment system certification ISO14001:2004, owns tens patents. Changling is identified as Enterprise Technology Center of Shaanxi Province and National Textile Technology Innovation Model Enterprise and is built as the only "Textile Testing & Control Engineering Technology Research Center of Shaanxi Province" in China.

    Facing the future, with "lead domestic level, strive for international brand" as development goal, Changling will develop new products constantly, provide users with high quality and service, make effort for strong of Chinese textile industry.

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