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Film School Rejects’ own Brad Gullickson and William Dass went to the Chattanooga Blur Anniversary to accommodated some of the filmmakers abaft the films they dig. Acquisition all of their rad anniversary chats here.

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Flash Gordon! Ah-aaaa. Savior of the universe! It’s absurd to apprehend that name and not put on your best Freddie Mercury impression. Through accurate ascertainment at the Chattanooga Blur Festival, we begin that absolutely 100% of bodies will sing “Ah-aaa” afterwards audition Flash Gordon. The alone about-face was: how continued would the A Capella Karaoke continue? Flash!

You aloof did it. It’s okay! No judgment. That’s the affectionate of affection for which we are searching. Let go of your cynicism. Accord us your heart.

Flash Gordon has had a hell of a life. The blur is apish and silly. But, it’s abounding of heart, amazing actors, and possibly the best bedrock music annual of all time. You know, admitting its acceptability for campiness, the absoluteness is that the abstruse elements of the blur are top-notch. At the least, you can feel the affection that went into the blur about four decades on.

Passion is a admirable thing. It’s infectious. Lisa Downs and Ashley Pugh accept that to their core. As filmmakers, that heart-on-their-sleeves affection has accustomed them to body a association about the adventure they capital to tell. That absorption accustomed them to affix with the bodies whose lives the blur has touched.

You should apprehend admirable casting and aggregation interviews. Brian Blessed gives the best Brian Blessed annual anytime – so booming and ostentatious. Did you apperceive he lived abutting aperture to Brian May, of Queen? In our chat, Downs appear that Brian May could occasionally apprehend Blessed shouting from his abode “Gordon’s Alive!” Is that not the best Brian Blessed actuality you’ve anytime heard?

Downs and Pugh had the befalling to comedy pinball with Brian May during filming. What a dream appear accurate for any Queen fan?  We get into that acquaintance and so abundant added in our chat with them.  It gets wild. What they’ve created is a annual of the history of Flash Gordon and its abiding impact. But, it’s additionally the adventure of accretion for Flash Gordon. And it fabricated me cry.

As admired as Flash Gordon has been, it wasn’t the blemish hit Sam Jones was acquisitive to realize. What happened to him? Area did he go? Area has he been? I didn’t apperceive annihilation about Jones’ story. He got booted off the set of Flash Gordon and was not arrive to participate in the post-production added chat recording. From there, his acting career was a agitated alternation of ups and downs. His ancestors activity was bouldered and abounding with annihilative mistakes.

As they dig into this story, a admirable affair starts to happen. You acquisition that the Flash Gordon association has been acclaim for Sam Jones to succeed.

Check out our chat with the filmmakers, and be on the anchor for the documentary.

But aboriginal analysis out this appropriate bulletin from Flash Gordon himself, Sam Jones, to all you Blur School Rejects readers.


Brad:  My actual takeaway from Activity Afterwards Flash was: angelic crap! You talked to a lot of people.

Lisa:  I did. I was aggravating to bandy names in there everywhere.

Brad:  Stan Lee ancestor up. Richard Donner! Lots and lots of altered folks. How did you go about chief who you capital to clue down?

Lisa:  It was actual methodical. It had to be, at the actual beginning. Because with a documentary acutely to get a budget’s difficult. Really, for annihilation aback you’re accomplishing an absolute film. The aboriginal affair I did, I went on IMBD and wondered: who is still around? Who lives where? I started from – I don’t appetite to say the abate names – I assumption the abate characters like a Hawkman or addition from the crew. I started to body up the adventure from their responses at that level.

And obviously, we had Sam on lath already.

Ashley:  Yeah, we wouldn’t accept done it acutely after him on board. It would accept been a extraordinary to alpha with. That was the aboriginal chat you had, wasn’t it? Through your acquaintance affair him?

Lisa:  Yeah. And instantly acutely I capital to get as abounding of the casting as I could. Methodically.

But, afresh we were advantageous abundant to blur at Comic-Con because Sam has a lot of signings. We aloof best bodies about the accommodation at Comic-con that I liked. It was hasty how abounding bodies absolutely admired the film. Robert Rodriguez had gone over and bought a signature off Melody and bought a signature from Sam. And he was like a fan, like a little kid talking to them.

That was great. There are all these names that pop up that I would never accept anticipation of contacting the abettor or aggravating to get a authority of them.

Ashley:  They all had a adventure as well. For example, Robert Rodriguez was talking about how music in the cine was so important to him. It was the accord with Queen. With Flash. And-

Lisa:  And that’s why he started his band!

Ashley:  Yeah, so everybody had a absolutely absorbing angle or adventure on why the blur meant article to them.

Lisa:  So, with casting and aggregation it was actual abundant aloof aggravating to get as abounding bodies as I could. I capital to acquaint the appropriate furnishings guys’ stories. So, I bare addition from that. And we had the score. We had Brian May and additionally Howard Blake. He did the abounding annual abaft it.

Ashley:  It took two years to get Brian’s interview. He said, “Yes, no problem, I’ll do it.” But, acutely addition as active as him, it was like abutting Thursday! Oh, it’s off. Three months later? It’s abutting Friday! It’s off. That’s why the blur took so long. It was people’s availability that was trying. Especially addition like Brian who’s so busy.

William:  Speaking of Brian May. Like. You guys played pinball with Brian May. In his house. How does that happen?

Lisa:  And I lost! There were assertive bodies that I capital to accept a solid foundation afore we approached. Because afresh I could email and go, “Right, we got Sam, Melody, Richard, and Brian Blessed. And all these bodies abaft it. We can’t blur after you!”

But, Brian May was tricky. A alternate acquaintance of ours had formed with Queen. So, he had announced to Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer, about the documentary. But, the film’s music was Brian’s baby. Roger had said yes, but it aloof never happened.

Ashley:  Yeah Roger said, “Speak to Brian.” And he did an email introduction, which is absolutely nice.

Lisa:  So I emailed. I bethink I was in the average of an alteration affair and I get this email. Like, BING! Brian. May. I was like, “Oh my god!” And I ran downstairs!

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He said, “I would adulation to do it. I would adulation to do it about with a piano because I appetite to comedy this little bit that never happened.” Eventually, he said, “Let’s do it at my house.” And it took about six months and six altered appointed dates with him. But, you get there, and you go through these amazing gates.

Ashley:  The gates open, and this guy comes out. It’s Brian. Wearing this Flash bodice with a Flash mug and he goes, “Hi guys! Is this too much?” We were like, “Yes!” It was the aboriginal affair he said aback he alien himself, “Is this too much?”

Lisa:  There are Queen photos everywhere. And a throne! One of those Alex Ross posters we gave him at the alliance screening. He was so lovely. I had that awkward moment area I hugged him, but he went for a additional hug. We affectionate of had this moment like, do I accord him a additional kiss? And it was uncomfortable.

I was like, “Oh god, I aloof ashamed myself in advanced of Brian.” But he was air-conditioned admirable in the end. You see his Flash pinball apparatus in the film. He’d taken us over. And we played, and it was amazing.

Ashley:  And we still get the odd email from him.

Lisa:  Yeah he’s like, “Is Max Von Sydow still around?” And I’m like, “Oh, Brian. Hi. How are you?”

Ashley:  He’s additionally said, “The minute you release, aloof let me know, and I’ll acquaint everybody.” He’s Aggregation Flash, which is great.

William:  I’d like to allocution a bit about “Team Flash.” Afore we came in here, you had mentioned how Sam Jones was actual abundant on the team. I feel like you’ve congenital a little bit of a association about this activity of bodies who are motivated to accomplish this documentary happen. What has that acquaintance been like?

Lisa:  We were air-conditioned lucky. Aback you do a blur with crowdfunding, you accept to body the admirers first. It’s the bodies who advice that are befitting it activity because it takes so continued to do. We were air-conditioned advantageous with this affectionate of ancestors of bodies that accept been like, “How can I help? What can I do?” I had addition accelerate me a adamantine drive because I couldn’t do any added editing.

I didn’t accept any money larboard for travel, and addition is aloof like, “You can beddy-bye on my couch aback you appear over.” The accomplished aggregation was like that. It feels like it’s been fabricated by anybody that has been involved. Bodies who would email and say, “I can’t put any money into the crowdfunding, but what can I do? Can I advance it? Can I do podcasting? Can I do something?”

Even above that, with the casting and the crew. Melody said she would be there to help. She was like, “Anything you need.” And so anybody has been admiring of it.

Ashley:  I anticipate that’s the alone way the blur would accept been made. You’ve been alive on it absolutely for appealing abundant two and a bisected years aggravating to fit paid jobs in amidst it. I’ve got a assembly aggregation aback in London, so I was able to advice get complex from that ancillary and put time into the work.

Lisa:  We had accompany who would appear and accord time to do camera operation on a brace of days.

Ashley: Accompany like Bob Lindenmayer, who did the appellation sequence, who collects the backdrop from the movie. Everybody aloof cared. They were like, “What can I do? How can I help? Can I acquaint you to this guy?”

Lisa:  “Can I accord you a location?”

Ashley:  Yeah, that’s what’s kept it going. It’s this feeling, as you guys know. Absolute blur is for the love. This has been a lot of love. You know, we attempt on 4K. So we were bushing up huge drives all the time. We accept an adapt accommodation in our house, and it’s absolutely a allowance abounding of Flash Gordon drives. And we still adulation it. That’s how this blur has been fabricated really. That association fell in adulation with it.

Lisa:  They’ve been actual acceptable and patient-

Ashley:  And they’re all asking, “When is it out?”

Lisa:  Yeah! They say, “Don’t worry, aback it’s done, we’ll be fine. We’ll be excited.” But it has acquainted like a blur fabricated by the fans. It’s been absolutely good.

Brad:  To booty a footfall aback a little bit, a Flash Gordon documentary. You’re acutely massive fans. But, you accomplish a accomplished block of your activity to cogent this story. Why?

Ashley:  You don’t apprehend that aback you start!

Lisa:  I did the aboriginal crowdfunding in like January 2015. It failed. But at the time, I was like “you’ll get the blur September 2015.” And you don’t think.

Ashley:  Hashtag naïve!

Lisa:  At first, I was actual naïve with crowdfunding. I anticipation I could accession the accomplished budget. I didn’t plan abundant time to body a accomplished audience. And, afresh I had to abolish it and re-pitch it to Sam to explain why we could do it again.  Because he was like, “Well it didn’t work.” And I was like, “No, accord me addition chance. I anticipate I can do it.” But it aloof grew into a three-year project. I had a ambition in apperception that I would accomplishment it at a assertive date. But, aback you accept that date appear up, and you don’t accept Brian Blessed, and you don’t accept Brian May, how can you absolution that?

Ashley:  That’s the thing. We said we were never activity to absolution it until we had assertive key things in place, and that was the capital factor. Also, you were accomplishing the 35-year alliance at BAFTA at the aforementioned time. You absitively bisected way forth this activity to put on a alliance of BAFTA, and that was a accomplished added activity area we had a big black-tie alms accident to bless the film.

Lisa:  Which is area Alex Ross did that amazing affiche he did for anybody who came. You can see it in the credits! But, that took me out of Activity Afterwards Flash a little bit.

William:  Whose abstraction was the film?

Lisa:  I brought this into his life. Sorry! No, I appear from a accomplishments of bearing absolute entertainment, but afore that it was documentaries. I had consistently admired documentaries. I spent my day in an appointment authoritative added people’s affection projects happen. And I was like, “Well, why can’t I be the one accomplishing my annual and traveling the apple and accomplishing these air-conditioned things?” I had capital to get added into affection documentaries, and a acquaintance of ours, Lisa Doyle, had formed on this T.V. appearance in the U.K. alleged The Jump, which I don’t apperceive if you accept here.

Brad:  It’s causing a burst appropriate now.

Lisa:  It is! What a antic appearance to have. Everyone’s accepting hurt. Sam went on it, and he got hurt. So he was never absolutely on awning because he aching his accept during rehearsals. But, she was bearing that show. I was at a affair one night with her, and she had told me Sam was on it. I was like, “Oh my god. You’re alive with Sam? That’s amazing.” I said I would adulation to apperceive whatever happened to him.

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And afresh it aloof grew. She said, “You should do a documentary.” I said “I would adulation to do a blur on it. We should alarm it Life…After Flash.” Afresh we caked some added wine.

It was one of those things you anticipate you allocution about that you’d never eventuate. The abutting day, I was like, “I would adulation to address a proposal.” She beatific it to Sam’s agent, he admired it, and afresh we were Skyping him.

Ashley:  Yeah, the abutting affair we were in our accommodation with our computer set up with Skype. “Hey, this is Sam.”

Lisa:  I’m messaging everyone, “FLASH GORDON!!!!” and aggravating to focus on the conversation. You know. And bulletin all of my accompany at the aforementioned time.

William:  It’s a challenge.

Lisa:  Yes. I never set out to do this. It all aloof happened organically. If she hadn’t formed with him, it never would accept been article I had anticipation about. Or, alike if I did anticipate about it, I would never accept anticipation it would accept been possible.

Ashley:  You were consistently a fan, though. And, afresh the befalling came, and it was like we had a affiliation to Sam. And this fandom. And it all aloof converged.

Lisa:  And afresh we aloof started it. If you delay for the abounding annual to appear in, or if you delay for something, it’ll never happen. So, let’s aces up a camera. We started acid little interviews.

Ashley:  Afresh we flew to Laredo to accommodated Sam and do our aboriginal spell of interviewing. We had a sit-down, three hours, just-spill-your-life-on-the-camera with him. The aboriginal one, so we could accept his story.

Then already we abstruse all of that, we were like, “Right, this is the adventure we charge to tell.” We knew we bare to allege to the De Laurentiis family, and we bare to allege to all these key people. And assignment out the story. So it was abandoning it out of that aboriginal interview. A lot of the stuff, we didn’t realize. We knew about his dubbing.

Lisa:  But, a lot of the absolutely abysmal actuality we abstruse through Patrick St. Esprit. So, we did his interview, and afresh I had to go aback to Sam and go, “These are the things I charge to allocution to you about, that you didn’t mention.”

Ashley:  And you fabricated Flash Gordon cry!

Brad:  So afresh you get all this material. How do you accumulate it all?

Lisa:  I never capital to adapt it. I never did appetite to edit. I never planned on it. It was one of those things.  I had aloof had all the footage, and as it came in, you were like, “Oh, you should alpha maybe acclimation it a little bit.” So I thought, “I’ll adapt it for the editor.” And afresh as time went by, I couldn’t allow an editor, too.

Ashley:  Also, you get so complex that it’s adamantine to duke it over to an editor aback you apperceive the footage so well. And, we’ve got hundreds of hours of footage.

Lisa:  For me, I attempt because I was so abutting to it. I capital addition considerately to appear in and attending at. I was putting in scenes that you were like, “you don’t charge that.” And I was like, “But I adulation it! And it took ages to get it!”

Ashley:  The aboriginal cut was like two and bisected hours.

Lisa:  I struggled with the adapt because I hadn’t edited a affection documentary before. I struggled with aggravating to cross how to do the blur in his story. I hated acid scenes. And, you were like, “Ninety minutes.” I was like, “It’s two hours and fifteen. I’m finished. It’s a masterpiece!” And you were like, “Get aback in there.” It was a absolutely big struggle.

William:  What was your access to addition out how to go from two hours fifteen to 90 minutes?

Lisa:  I was affected to!

Ashley:  We additionally had some viewings. We had a clandestine screening in London for people’s opinions that we wanted. And afresh we had addition one in L.A. As a aggregate of those two sessions; we went aback in to adapt for addition two anniversary period.

Lisa:  Seeing what acknowledgment I had from it then, I had a map. I could see it objectively. What $.25 I acquainted were slow, which I was so absorbed to aback I was alteration it. I didn’t appetite to cut it out.

Ashley:  The funny affair with the adapt admitting was it was about a year-long process. And, because it was in our own house, I got acclimated to audition “Gordon’s alive! Flash! Ah-a!” And arrant advancing from upstairs. That was like the three things over and over.  Sobbing and afresh Blessed booming, “Gordon’s alive!”

William:  That annual with Brian Blessed is amazing. How continued did you allocution to him for?

Lisa:  You should accept apparent what I cut out of that.

Brad & William:  Yes, please!

Lisa:  There were things that no animal should anytime charge to hear. He talked about Patrick Stewart’s foreskin at one point, which was, well. I capital to put that in.

He was in a recording studio, and I batten to him for an hour and twenty annual alone because I had to get out. I had addition session. And I asked him two questions in that accomplished time. I aloof said, “How did you get that role?” And, “What was it like filming Flash Gordon?”

What you see is me sitting there alert to him. He’ll acquaint a story, and he’s like, “What else?” And go into the abutting story. He’s so acceptable at activation the adventure and cogent the story, and he was absolutely what you would apprehend to see aback you accommodated him.

Ashley:  We heard a admirable adventure from Brain May as well, who lives in the abode in advanced of Brian Blessed. Occasionally, you’d apprehend Blessed go, “Gordon’s alive!” Like now. Aloof abnormality about his abode shouting it out.

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Lisa:  He’ll go out and angle on the balustrade and bawl it to the boondocks aback no one abroad is in there. He loves it so much. He says he action because he can apprehend it alveolate through the valley.

But, you can’t do a blur after him.

Ashley:  He was addition difficult one to get. We had him at the reunion, but at the time he had an eye operation, so he didn’t appetite to be filmed. That took addition year of scheduling. He had a book barrage he was accomplishing and-

Lisa:  He was activity about the country.

Ashley:  But he was consistently actual like, “I’ll do annihilation for Sam.” All the bodies complex were like, “We’ll do annihilation for Sam.”

Lisa:  And that was lovely, wasn’t it?

Ashley:  Yeah.

William:  Why do you anticipate that is?

Lisa:  Aback you accommodated him, you will know. He is the best affectionate and acceptable person. I was absolutely surprised, I anticipation maybe you go to Comic-Cons, and bodies are there to work.  And it’s a job for them. But he absolutely stays to allocution to people. And he talks to them about their problems. He’s like a therapist.

Ashley:  He wants to advice people. He’s abstruse his assignment in life, and he absolutely seems to appetite to advice people.

Brad:  I don’t appetite to blemish the blur because his adventure is so fascinating.  But appear the end area you see area he has gone in his own career, I was not assured that. I knew annihilation about that.

Lisa:  We came abroad from it like, “What blur can we address for him?” Like what can we do for him now?

Ashley:  And his ancestors is admirable as well. The abundant affair is that he is a absolutely acceptable dad. You accommodated all these kids, and he’s that All-American affectionate of hero. He’s abstruse his lessons.  He’s acutely been to the aphotic ancillary and back.

Lisa:  But, aback you accommodated him, you’ll apperceive why bodies would do annihilation for him.

Brad:  So, you were talking about how he wasn’t necessarily upfront with, at first, about why he larboard the assembly and those darker elements. Aback you went aback to him and said, “Oh, I’ve got questions about this stuff.” How did he feel about that process?

Lisa:  There was one accurate thing, about his brother, which was one of the capital things. We had announced to him afore about siblings, and he was like, “Oh, I had a brother who died in a car crash.” And I was like absolutely sad to hear, you know? Maybe we’ll allocution about it later.

But, afresh it was Patrick who told us the accomplished story. And Sam hadn’t told his ancestors what had happened. He had this big chat with his wife. And we did the aftereffect annual the morning of the alliance aback he was in London. He had aloof announced to Ramona, and she said, “If you’re activity to do this, I abutment you.  And use this to let anybody apperceive what happened.”

Ashley:  There’s got to be trusted as well, I think. It took a aeon of time for us to accretion his assurance acutely because he didn’t apperceive us. We’re aloof these crazy English filmmakers who appetite to do a documentary. At the time, we had been assuming him and alive closely.  I anticipate he could acquaint we had our candor in the appropriate place. If a T.V. base fabricated this in England, it’d be alleged Flash in the Pan. It would be absorption on the actuality that it was a car blast story, admitting we came at it with reverence.

Lisa:  And it was important for him additionally to appearance area he had appear from, to appearance bodies if you’re activity through this too. For him, it’s the message. If you’re activity through this, this is how I did it. This is how you can do it. To accord bodies the achievement of actuality healed or helped. He wants to affect people, to actuate people, and advice people. So for him to go, “Okay, able-bodied I’ll acquaint you aggregate because afresh that shows added area I’ve appear from.” That was important for him.

William:  I am actual fatigued to this abstraction of alleviative the accountable amount with reverence. I like the abstraction of appropriation things up and adulatory the things that we adulation and spending my time talking about what I love. We address for One Perfect Shot. I anticipate that’s allotment of our appearance and adulatory what we acquisition admirable rather than assiduity the things we’re balked with. Do you accompany that spirit organically to this, or did you ascertain that through interacting with Sam?

Ashley:  I anticipate as filmmakers, that’s area we’re advancing from. We accept a lot of added projects that we appetite to accompany the aforementioned appearance to. We’ve steered abroad from British television; it’s actual trashy. And I’m abiding America’s is as well. They do this stuff, and we alarm it “gutter press.” It would aloof become everyman accepted denominator. We wouldn’t appetite to accomplish films like that. We wouldn’t appetite to additionally accomplish blur about article we didn’t affliction about. I anticipate it’s allotment of our ethos.

Lisa:  Yeah, able-bodied additionally as a fan, you apperceive what you appetite to see that added admirers ability appetite to see. So, you accept to be accurate to that as well.

Ashley:  You’re not activity to get affluent accomplishing this. So, you ability as able-bodied do it for the appropriate reasons.

Lisa:  It’d be nice!

William:  It’s absolutely adamantine to accomplish movies, right? Especially as indie filmmakers. So aback you’re accepting a applesauce day because it’s aloof not alive right, what moment do you attending aback on that reminds you that this is all annual it?

Lisa:  The better affair for me during the action was in 2016. I had a aeon of months area I hated the film. I hated actuality involved. I hated what it was accomplishing to my activity and my coffer account. But afresh I was walking forth abreast the abode one day, and I had gotten an email from Topol. I was like, “what am I doing?” These bodies don’t accept to accord me anything, but they’re giving me their time. They appetite to be involved. I’m accepting these amazing adventures with Topol and Brian May and traveling the apple with Sam.  And I aloof thought, how egocentric am I being? Not affectionate this?

I absolutely angry my attitude around. Afterwards that, aggregate aloof started falling into place. Interviews were actuality bound in, and I started to adore it again. I got aflame about it.  And for me, not alike projects I’ve formed on in the past, that was the moment that fabricated me apprehend what I capital to get out of authoritative films. It was a absolute axis point. Because I did resent the blur for a while. Which, I mean, how egocentric of me. Bodies would annihilate for the adventures we were having.

Ashley:  I saw a adduce the added day.  It said, “Life isn’t a alternation of days.  It’s a alternation of moments.” Now assay the film. It’s like the moment Brian walks us into his house. The moment you airing into a accommodation with Brian Blessed. The moment Sam brings me over for a altogether cake, and I’ve got Sam and his wife on video singing me blessed altogether because we were at his abode that day.

Lisa:  And the moment Melody fabricated us tea!

Ashley:  Yeah, there are aloof a alternation of moments. It’s sometimes those moments go over absolutely a continued period. So you accept to accumulate the upbeat.

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Lisa:  Of aggregate I’ve formed on, this has been the better acquirements experience, affecting and brainy learning, of how I appetite to access a film.

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